Captains named for 2016-2017

Three captains have been named for the 2016-2017 Michigan State men's lacrosse team.

Stevie McKee, Patrick Donovan and Sam Robbins have been selected as the respective leaders for the Spartans. Donovan is a returning captain from the 2015-2016 roster and is even more prepared for his role this year.

“I am truly humbled to be viewed by my coaches and teammates in this way,” said Donovan. “We have a ton of talent this year and I am excited . . . that I have a great opportunity to help this team accomplish something great,” Donovan said.

Junior defensive midfielder Sam Robbins is also serving as president of the team for this season. But, he says he is ready for all the responsibilities on his plate.

“I need to self police myself to work harder than anyone else and to make sure my teammates come up to that level and push themselves every day,” said Robbins. “I want to gain my teammates trust and respect by showing them that they can come to me for any reason and I will be there for them.”

Senior midfielder Stevie McKee earned his captain honor after only being a part of the team since January of last year. Even with only a year of experience with the Spartans, he is excited to be in this spot.

“I take a lot of pride in being named a captain of this team and it is a privilege to be in this position,” said McKee. “To me, being a captain means doing the right thing as a lacrosse player and a person, and I want to be the best role model I can be for everyone on this team.”


Beyond lacrosse and academics, Robbins thinks that there is an even more important element to this job.


“Being a captain is bringing everyone together as a family,” Robbins said.