Freshman Friday: Matt Rice

Our second candidate for Freshman Friday this holiday month is midfielder No. 18 Matt Rice. To view his player profile, click here.


IMG_00961.) When did you first start playing lacrosse?

I first started playing lacrosse in sixth grade.


2.) Why did you decide to come to Michigan State?

I chose to come to Michigan State because it is a great school, the campus is beautiful, and I wanted to continue playing lacrosse for Coach Cam Holding for another four years.


3.) Why did you choose your current major?

I chose my current major (Mechanical Engineering) because I have always liked math and science, and I also took a few programming and mechanical drawing classes in high school and I really enjoyed them.


4.) What does it mean to you to play for MSU lacrosse?

Playing for Michigan State lacrosse is a big deal to me because I have always said that I wanted to play lacrosse in college, and the team here is full of great guys that all push each other to be the best we can be on and  off the field.


5.) What’s your favorite lacrosse memory?

My favorite lacrosse memory is my first game as a member of the varsity team at my high school where I scored the game winning goal in double overtime.


6.) If you could pick one person to be stuck in an elevator with, who would it be?

I would most like to be stuck in an elevator with John Cena because he would be able to rip the doors open.


7.) Do you have a nickname on the team?

My nickname on the team is the human noodle, and it started because I have long, skinny arms and legs.


8.) Do you have any pre-game rituals/superstitions?

One pre-game ritual I have is that I always wear the same thing under my uniform for games.


9.) What’s something people don’t know about you?

Something most people don’t know about me is that I am a member of the honor’s college here at Michigan State University.