Freshman Friday: Will Pankratz

Next up for Freshman Friday is defenseman No. 26 Will Pankratz. To view his player profile click here.


IMG_60491.) When did you first start playing lacrosse?

I first started playing lacrosse in 4th grade.

2.) Why did you decide to come to Michigan State?

I decided to come to Michigan State because It was the perfect distance from home, not to far and not to close. I also love the culture and tradition here on campus. You’ll never meet someone who went to MSU and wasn’t proud of it.

3.) Why did you choose your current major?

My major is business and I chose it because I enjoy working with people, and business gives me lots of different options for a career because Im not positive what I want to do yet. 

4.) What does it mean to you to play for MSU lacrosse?

It means a lot to me! I get to represent this unbelievable university doing what I love most. It also means to me playing with a group of guys that I can call my family and who i know will always have my back.

5.) What’s your favorite lacrosse memory?

My favorite lacrosse memory was representing my high school in the Illinois high school allstar game my senior year. 

6.) What is your perfect vacation?

My perfect vacation is wake boarding at my grandpas lake house in northern Michigan.

7.) Do you have a nickname on the team?

My nickname on the team is "Pancakes", and a lot of times is just shortened to "cakes". My last name is Pankratz which sounds a lot like pancakes so it caught on once I met some of the other freshman on the team this summer and then carried over once I got to school.

8.) If you could be any cartoon character, who would it be?

If I could be any cartoon character I would be the Gennie from Aladdin so that I could grant myself any wish I had.

9.) What’s something people don’t know about you?

I’m deathly afraid of mice.