New defensive coordinator for MSU Lacrosse

When Dan Catzere left the Michigan State men’s lacrosse coaching staff following the 2016 season, a gap was opened at defensive coordinator. Now in fall ball for the 2017 season, the Spartans officially have a new man for the job. 

Josh Kamstra played four years of high school lacrosse at Zeeland High School in Michigan before moving on to Hope College. At Hope, Kamstra was named an All-American during his junior year and a captain for his senior year. 

After graduation from Hope in 2013, Kamstra started coaching for Power Play Lacrosse, a high school club team founded by Michigan State coach Cam Holding. Once the coaching position opened up at MSU over the past summer, Kamstra jumped at the opportunity. 

“I think that what Cam (Holding) did here last year, on short notice if you will, is awesome,” said Kamstra. “With more time to put into recruiting, building a staff, and growing from that, there’s the utmost potential here,” Kamstra said.

Ever since he was in high school, Kamstra has always been around the game of lacrosse. He says that especially coaching it keeps him young and he wants to keep with it for as long as he can.

“I just can’t get away from the game,” Kamstra said. “I like being able to stay involved, giving back, and being around guys like Cam and players like this (Michigan State) team. I love this group of guys and there’s no better place to play lacrosse.”

While Kamstra was playing at Hope College, the school made the transition from MCLA to NCAA between his junior and senior years. Being able to participate in both associations gave him an appreciation for both levels of play. Kamstra is excited to be with the Spartans in the MCLA and help his players as student-athletes.

“I think the MCLA team has a lot to offer because it allows kids to be heavily involved in lacrosse, but also be heavily involved in school, clubs and all the other parts of the higher education experience,” said Kamstra. “I get to see kids with goals on the field but with even bigger goals invested in their future, and I think that that’s what I like most.”


Jess Todd