Senior Captain Reflects on Life as a Spartan

As my senior year nears its conclusion, the inevitability of "post-athlete" life begins to set in.

The final home game April 13 for a group of seniors who have grown very close over the years, especially this season, was more emotional than I expected. I will truly miss the morning anticipation of an evening home game. Seeing the bleachers at Ralph Young Field empty after the final whistle one last time makes me realize how special it is to play in East Lansing, on Michigan State’s campus, in front of my friends and family. 

Being a senior, I am keenly aware of the dwindling number of practices left before my final post-season tournament. I have felt the sense of urgency, as all seniors do, continue to increase as we start planning for the national championship. It is not until the final days draw close that you really reflect and appreciate the path that this game has led you on.

More than ever, I am incredibly appreciative and humbled by the opportunities that lacrosse has afforded me, from the travel to the life skills to the life-long friendships. I look at the young guys on our team with two and three years left and I can't help but wonder where the time has gone! I still vividly remember my first day of tryouts a few years ago looking up to our senior captains. To now be in that position as a senior captain is an honor. 

To this group of seniors, I give a world of credit for committing to this program and striving to improve it each year. We are confident that we're leaving the program in great shape for the future, which is something we are very proud of and grateful for. To the Spartan players who are coming after us, do not take for granted the opportunity to continue competing in lacrosse and to represent Spartan Nation across the country. Wearing the Green & White is over in a flash, so take advantage of the time you have! 

Go Green!

Mark Tratt #30